I don’t know what we would have done without Andressa Chapman during the past 18 months. She is absolutely brilliant. Andressa brings a thoughtfulness and attention-to-detail that’s truly unique to her, and she engages in a way that makes you forget she’s not a permanent fixture within your organization or sitting in the office next door. With Andressa’s support at Thompson Playa del Carmen, the property has successfully launched two websites, created brand-aligned campaigns, designed and executed new sales + marketing collateral and reprogrammed areas of the property to reach new, broader audiences. Andressa understands brand, merchandising, leveraging technology and ultimately driving revenues. I could go on and on. She’s been an amazing asset to our team and we look forward to working with her again.
Area Director of Sales and Marketing
Thompson Playa del Carmen

Andressa brings hospitality marketing to a whole new level. She’s a strategist and analyst at heart, but equally she is a big thinker and a doer. Her planning and organization skills are collaborative and exceptional. She builds highly targeted marketing campaigns that are goal driven and can shift tactics on a dime depending on changing revenue needs all in an effort to maximize return for the spend. She’s a tremendous collaborator with the revenue management and sales disciplines as well as operations, and she knows how to get the very best work from our creative and PR agencies. She can also operate with a property’s financial health in consideration and knows how to optimize revenue even within cash flow and operational constraints. Under her leadership for the last several years, Wild Dunes Resort’s marketing team has successfully repositioned the resort in the marketplace, developed two cutting-edge web sites with our web developer and produced countless award-winning marketing campaigns that have exceeded revenue expectations, ultimately providing for increased market share for Wild Dunes Resort. Bring your A game if you’re going to work with Andressa.  

Managing Director
Wild Dunes Resort

I have had the privilege of working with Andressa Chapman for over ten years and have tremendous respect for her sales and marketing acumen, expertise, strategic planning and execution skills. She has led very successful and innovative marketing efforts that have built strong brand awareness for urban and resort properties, in addition to driving significant revenue and results. Andressa tackles every hospitality marketing challenge with depth and passion. She is creative, analytical, articulate and hands-on. She builds strong partner relationships with everyone she works with including key digital, marketing, public relations, and media agencies and she manages projects with an acute attention to detail. I am always impressed with Andressa’s strategic approach and her discipline. She has extensive knowledge of all aspects of hospitality sales and marketing – from revenue optimization to digital marketing and public relations and she is a master at creating integrated marketing communication plans that deliver results. Andressa is a consummate hospitality professional – an individual who has a stellar background in sales and marketing – and she’s a great person too!
VP of Marketing Communication & PR (ret)
Destination Hotels

Andressa has contributed her knowledge, insights, creativity, and leadership, along with her time, to HSMAI through the association’s Resort Best Practices Initiative for more than six years, and I’ve appreciated every minute I’ve been able to spend with her and learn from her. She is a tenacious, creative, strategic thinker driven by her desire for excellence. And, what’s most amazing about Andressa is her generous and non-competitive approach to moving the needle for all hotels and resorts. Andressa can be counted on to deliver what she promises – she is the utmost professional, and a valued volunteer. I’m personally and professionally grateful to know her.
Vice President
Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International

I have worked closely with Andressa for over five years on a number of very important long-term projects ranging from luxury hotels in gateway cities to beachside resorts. Additionally, Andressa has also brought much value in short-term projects when looking at hospitality assets in suburban, urban and other locations. Her marketing expertise in building independent brands, driving revenue, leveraging technology, creating effective teams, implementing tools to effectively measure ROI and her strategic thinking has consistently led to great results. I heartily recommend speaking with Andressa regarding your marketing needs.
Chief Operating Officer
Sage Hospitality