Trigger results.

Broaden your reach. Increase your conversion.



I am Andressa Chapman, President and Founder of Trigger Hotel Marketing.

I started Trigger because I saw a need in the industry for hotel marketing that goes beyond just building awareness. Hotel owners also need marketing that gets revenue results, helps provide for an asset’s long-term financial stability, and ultimately increases hotel owner profitability.

That’s what we do for clients.

Using a data-driven approach to hotel marketing, we develop and execute strategic marketing initiatives designed to find the sweet spot between your hotel and your ideal guests, and then optimize marketing resources and channels for maximum reach and conversion — and the highest return for the budget.

But we don’t stop with hitting revenue goals. We help bring you guests who will enjoy your hotel, spend money at your hotel, evangelize your hotel to others, and keep coming back. Now that’s powerful marketing.

Consider us your hired gun.

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